The Guide

The Guide 2.0

Complete text editor for structuring your notes


  • Great for structured note organization
  • Support for hyperlinks and icons
  • Can be controlled via keyboard shortcuts
  • Can be run in portable mode


  • Only works with RTF
  • No support for inserting images

Very good

Some people prefer working with a basic text editor rather than using a complicated word processor, in which case The Guide could be the perfect choice.

With The Guide you can create extensive documents, organized in a clear hierarchical structure and easily manageable thanks to the tree-like organization on the left side of the interface.

The Guide works in a way similar to WordPad (in fact, it also works with RTF documents) but features extended functionality beyond the aforementioned tree-like structure. You can customize its appearance with selected text fonts and colors, apply different icons to structure nodes for quicker identification, add hyperlinks (to websites or e-mail addresses and a lot more).

What's more, The Guide supports the use of keyboard shortcuts for almost any task in the program, and can be set to run in Portable Mode. This means the program saves all configuration settings into an INI file rather than the Windows Registry, thus becoming the perfect text editor to carry in your USB device.

The Guide is a complete RTF-compatible text editor that organizes documents in structures and can be run from a USB device.

The Guide


The Guide 2.0

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